VIRAL - The Story of an AlDub fan

 A month ago, I watch a video on Facebook of a noontime show. It vas a video of a girl doing a live dubsmash who got distracted when she sees a guy watching him. The girl lost her focus on her comedy act while the guy smiles as he watches her: thus AlDub was born.

I'm not usually a fan of loveteams. I watch TV a lot and I get kilig with cheesy romantic flicks but that's it. Yet for some weird reason, I found myself watching their videos everyday, waiting for their segment  every afternoon, and checking every now and then for news or Instagram posts about them, posting screenshots of them together. Yeah. I am an AlDub fan.

AlDub is coined term or name for Alden and Yaya Dub, Characters in Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye played by actor, Alden Richards and Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza. Both are part of the said noontime show. It was a n accidental loveteam. As Yaya Dub's kilig reaction to Alden watching her was not planned. The noontime show simply improvised all that happened after. It was a brilliant and unique idea. A live teleserye on the road? Who does that right? But since they have Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola with them, improvisations are easy as pie. After all, both are comedic masters, excellent stand up comedians where improvisation skills must be on point. 

So there I was, one afternoon, watching Eat Bulaga and now I find myself waiting eagerly for their segment every day. Suddenly, my afternoon habits include watching Eat Bulaga everyday just to see what would happen to  Alden and Yaya Dub. 1:30 PM is now sacred to me, because that's when their segment is usually on. I wait everynight for their uploaded episode on Facebook. I watch entertainment news about them, read articles about them.  They really became part of my routine. 

I usually don't like it when fans get too serious or attached to their idols. It sounds stupid when fans would go out of their way just to see their idols. But I sometimes feel the urge to do it for AlDub. A few days ago, I told myself I'd go to Broadway Centrum just to watch the noontime show live (I ended up rushing home to watch it on TV instead). Yesterday, I was watching their Facebook video, a fan was almost rushing to hug Alden. I found myself, wanting to smack the fan that almost got too close as if to say, Kay Yaya lang Si Alden! It sounds stupid and absurd, I know. 

I know everything is a comedy skit. And it's fun. And isn't it nice to feel happy and kilig even for just an afternoon? And that's what AlDub brings. My friends would probably laugh at me or make fun of me for posting this. I usually think loveteams are corny and stupid. Maybe, I was just bored out of my wits that's why even the corniest things would get me giddy. But what the hell. I just want to share how kilig I get with this loveteam. 

It's been a month since AlDub started but the lovebirds have yet to meet. Yesterday's episode was almost an encounter but fate seems to be harsh on them. Will today, their monthsary, be the fateful day? Well, we just have to wait later and find out!


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