PIECES OF ME - Dreams Do Come True: Malaysian Diaries Entry#4

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I was little, whenever I would get asked that question, I would always say that I'd like have a barbecue stall in front of our house. Weird I know, but the idea of  grilling barbecue and selling it sounds fun.

When I was a bit older, when people ask me what I would like to be when I grow up,   I'd say I'd like to be a scientist. I love watching Dexter's Laboratory before that I'd dream of having my own secret lab and inventing things. Quite farfetched to have a secret lab underneath our house but hey, cartoons.

When I was in highschool, when asked what I like my dream job to be, all I'd say was I'd just like to be successful. Very vague,yes. But at that time, I was living in the moment and not really particular with what I want in life.

I've made a lot of choices that seemed a lot different and a bit far from my childhood dreams. There were even times when I felt that those dreams are so far I was sure I won't be able to reach them.

But somehow, I still ended up doing the things I'd dream of when I was a child.

I became a food scientist and invented and formulated food. I did not have a secret underground laboratory but I still got to do what a scientist does.

Now, I am working in a hotel kitchen and guess what? I grill barbecues for the buffet! A bit different from selling barbecue infront of our house but I still get to grill and serve barbecue to customers.

So yeah. Dreams really do come true. It might be a bit different from what we envisioned it to be but it does.