PIECES OF ME - Top Ten Things I've Discovered About Me: Malaysian Diaries Entry #2

Since I've been challenged by my friend Arra, of www.arraabella.com, to write top 10 things about me, I'll be doing it. But I'll be doing a Malaysian Diaries version. So, I'll be doing a top 10 things that I have discovered about myself here in Kuala Lumpur.

10. I love spicy food.
Almost all food here in Malaysia is spicy. But still, I enjoy eating it. 

9. I can't do laundry.
I've done laundry back at home but when you're alone and there's no free detergent and washing machine, laundry can be quite a daunting task.

8. I love to cook, but eating out is much better.
It comes with no one is there to wash dishes but you.

7. I appreciate Tricycle drivers more.
Everybody walks here! And the distance from my house to the nearest bus stop is so tiring. Wish there were tricycles here that would drop you off infront of your house.

6. It's fun to learn a new language.
Though Bahasa is quite similar to Tagalog, it's still fun to learn a new language and being able to converse in it.

5. I love pork!
Pork here in Malaysia is quite rare, being a Muslim country. And I miss eating pork so much!

4. I'll never get tired of looking at the Petronas Tower.
Yes, I'm saying this because I've been here a few days but i am still in awe everytime I look at the twin towers up close.

3. I never understand exchange rates. 
I'd always look at money changer booths and compare exchange rates but I'd still have a hard time knowing if it's a good rate or not.

2. I enjoy the Malaysian transport system.
Yes, traffic here can be pretty bad too but their mass transportation systems (KL Monorail, MRT, LRT) is much better compared to ours.

1. I look like a local.
Locals here would talk to me in Bahasa and I'd be clueless to what they're saying. Then they'd be clueless as to why I don't understand them. Haha (I don't understand Bahasa that well yet!)

I've discovered a lot about myself here now that I am living away from my family and away from the comforts of my own home. Also, living in a place that you're not so familiar with will reslly bring out qualities in you that you don't know you have.


  1. Good job! Glad that you're enjoying your stay there! Hope I can visit you soon! :)


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