PIECES OF ME - Freedom!: Malaysian Diaries Entry #5

Three months down!
This has been the longest time I am away from home and by now, this city kinda feels a bit like a home to me too. I guess, it's inevitable since I'll be staying here in Kuala Lumpur for a year. This feeling is bound to happen.

Anyway, since I am practically living on my own, I can't help but sometimes feel like I have found a sense of freedom. 

Back in the Philippines, I live with my family, and there are certain rules in our household set by my parents. Like, I have to call or text whenever I am going home late. Or ask permission if I wanted to go somewhere. Or things like, I have to maintain my room's cleanliness or help in household chores.

But here in Malaysia, I have all the freedom I want. I don't need to call or text anyone if I'll be out late. I don't need to ask permission if I had to go somewhere. I don't need to do chores! 
Freedom at its finest!

Though now that I have this freedom, the more I feel the need to do the same responsibilities I have at home. Also, the more I enjoy this freedom, the more I feel the need for the rules my parents set.
I guess, what I'm trying to say is that, freedom has a price. Yes, there's no one asking me to do chores anymore, but now I just have to do it without being told. Yes, I could go out late and no one to text or call, but now, it's just me who has to remind myself that I need to rest for tomorrow's work.
Freedom comes with certain responsibilities. That's what I learned here. Freedom is something to be enjoyed, but when you're free, there's also no one to look after yourself but you.
Three months in this adventure and nine more to go!