I am a fan of James Bond movies. Though admittedly, I grew up only on the Pierce Brosnan movies. But I have also come to love the Timothy Dalton, Sean Connery and Roger Moore versions of the famed British spy.

When Daniel Craig was announced as the new Bond, I had doubts. Partly because of my loyalty to Pierce Brosnan plus I don't really know Daniel Craig aside from when he was casted as 007. Yet I still watched all his Bond movies and he has proven every time that he is James Bond.

Anyway, here is what I think of Daniel Craig's new Bond movie, Spectre:

Spectre is Daniel Craig's fourth time portraying Sir Ian Fleming's British super spy. Spectre is the name of the criminal organization Bond finds as he tracks and kills a guy his former boss M (Judy Dench) orders him to kill. Later he founds out that Spectre is headed by someone from his past and that person is responsible for all the deaths in Bond's life. A pretty rad plot right?

The movie was quite good. The usual fight scene at the first part of the movie was epic as usual (made me want to book a holiday in Mexico City right away!) It was heart pumping enough for that pivotal part of the movie.

Sam Smith provided the official soundtrack for the movie titled Writings on The Wall. Quite haunting theme but not as catchy and anthem-y as Adele's Skyfall.

Monica Belluci and Lea Seydoux are perfect Bond girls. Though it was quite disturbing to see Monica Belluci in lingerie when you remember her as Mama Mary in Passion of the Christ. Yet, she is stunningly good looking. Lea Seydoux is very pretty too. She reminds me of a foreign version of Naomi Watts (But Rosamund Pike is still my favorite Bond girl. Lol).

Ralph Fiennes replaces Judi Dench as M. MI6's head. The death of Judi Dench's character made Mallory (Fiennes character in the movie) the new M. Fiennes, as usual, delivers. There was one scene when he was arguing with Andrew Scott's character that he was really good at and in my head, I was like, "O ano ka ngayon!! That's freaking Lord Voldemort you're arguing with dumbass!"  That's how effective he is.

Christoph Waltz played Ernest Blofeld. James Bond archnemesis, both in the movies and the novel. This is not the first time Blofeld was portrayed in a Bond movie. But this was the first time a part of his past and the reason for his hatred of Bond that links to Bond's past was established. Though Christoph Waltz is an amazing actor, he appeared less terrifying as he sounds.

Overall, the movie was quite good. There were some gaping holes in the story. And not just some minor holes but major gaps that just appeared out of nowhere. But every film has them so it's not much a big deal.

P.S. The censorship here in Malaysia sucks. All steamy scenes of Daniel Craig, Monica Belluci and Lea Seydoux are reduced to kissing scenes. The movie does not however have steamy scenes with all three of them together though that would make a pretty scene. Lol