SPOONFUL - 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice

38 years in the business and 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice has come a long way. Their traditional and authentic menu really has been a timeless classic.

A popular restaurant, 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice restaurant in Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

Led by the late Mr. yan Khoon Yin in 1976, the humble family operates a shop selling mainly steamed chicken served with bean sprouts (Nga Choi Gai) and Hor Fun noodles in Ipoh, Perak. The business since then flourished and the first "1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice" restaurant opened its door to customers in Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya in 1977.

Today there are five 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice restaurants located at Jalan Gasing, Sri Petaling, Damansara Jaya, Sunway Pyramid shopping mall and Mid Valley Megamall.

According to Mr. Bryan Yan, the Managing Director, these mouth-watering recipes are closely guarded by its passionate second-generation owners/operators to ensure their distinctive qualities remain unchanged by time. 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice Restaurant aims to nurture good memories by bringing Ipoh's cultural and food heritage to the world and serving people with Ipoh's most famous bean sprouts chicken .

1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice restaurant is famous for its authentic and delicious Ipoh specialties - steamed chicken and bean sprouts. Both versatile dishes can be eaten with rice, noodles or porridge. Customers can choose from ordinary white steamed chicken or organic kampung chicken. Organic kampung chicken are bred in an environment where they can freely (free range) and the skin is much more yellow as their staple diet is corn. As for Ipoh's famous short, fat and crunchy bean sprouts, customers can opt to have it blanched or stir fried with salted fish.

Besides steamed chicken and bean sprouts, the restaurant also served other dishes such as pork balls which are made of fresh minced pork and minced dried cuttlefish, roasted chicken, roasted pork, honey BBQ pork, curry pig skin, tofu, stir fried clams in superior soup and even steamed tilapia.

Now you don't have to drive all the way to Ipoh to enjoy a plate of these famous authentic delicacies

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I was invited by the restaurant to try their famous dishes and I had a great time trying out their menu

Salted egg butter milkfish
The fish fillet was cruncy and very juicy. It was very tasty and the salted egg sauce really complimented the fish fillet. It was the first time I tried a salted egg sauce and it really is amazing.

Honey roasted pork
It was a combination of sweet and spicy that really just bursts with flavor. Pork was very juicy and tender.

Kampung chicken
Probably one of the best steamed chicken I have had here in Malaysia. The chicken was very flavorful and very tender. It was cooked all the way through yet still very juicy. And the fact that it was a free-range chicken and it was really tender, means that it was cooked really well. This dish really was the star of the show.

Steamed Lala (clams)
The fact that the clams tasted sweet and salty means that it was fresh. And according to them, they only serve this dish when they could get it fresh. Otherwise, they would not serve it at all.

Bean sprouts
Ipoh's famous bean sprouts is really different from the ordinary bean sprouts I've tasted. It was very crunchy and very juicy. According to Tommy Yan, one of the owners of the restaurant, fresh bean sprouts are delivered every day to their restaurant just to make sure that they serve only the crunchiest and juciest bean sprouts.

Steamed Tilapia
The fish was very juicy. The chili sauce really complemented the natural flavors of the fish.

1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice also serves other classic chinese dishes such as Char Siew pork and crispy pork.
The char siew pork was the right combination of sweet and salty. The crispy pork was really good. The skin was very crunchy and you'd really hear it crunch in your teeth.

Curry Pig Skin
I've tasted curry pig skin before and this one was different. The curry was not too overpowering and the skin was just tender and not rubbery.

Pork meatballs and Chicken balls
Freshly made pork and chicken balls was really good. It was not starchy like the commercial pork and chicken balls you'd get in the supermarket. The broth was really good too. Very flavorful and very tasty.

Given that the food was delicious and all that's why people are still patrons of 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice. But apart from the delicious food, it's their commitment to quality food and to serving only the best food that made them last 37 years and will make them stay for more years.