SPOONFUL - Din Tai Fung Kuala Lumpur

Din Tai Fung is one of today's hottest dimsum places. I have never heard of it before until recently when I saw it here in Kuala Lumpur. And soon it will open a branch in Manila.

A few weeks back, I tried it with some of my friends and here is what I thought about it

The pork chop noodles was quite tasty. The pork chop itself was delicious but the broth was not that good. It was probably better that I had the porkchop and fried rice.

The beef brisket noodles was also not that spectacular. It was flavorful and the beef was really tender but it did not made its mark. 

The siu mai was tasty but there was nothing special in it. The xiao long bao was also not that amazing. It was delicious but I've had better dimsum than this.

I do hope Din Tai Fung is not just a hype. With the newly opened Din Tai Fung in Manila, I hope it's not as disappointing as the one here in Malaysia.