SPOONFUL - Still Waters by Hotel Maya

This is one accidental food trips. It was a school day and as we were about to go on break, it rained really hard and we can't go out to eat. The only option was the restaurant beside our school building which is located in The Maya Hotel.

Here is my review for Still Water by Hotel Maya.

What I like about the restaurant is how everything looks exquisite. Yes, it's quite pricey but you pay your money's worth.

I tried their three course Cantonese menu. It costs about RM58 and you can choose what appetizer, main course and what type of rice or noodle you want. 

I had the wasabi mayo prawn which was my instant favorite. It was crispy and the prawn inside was very juicy. The wasabi mayo was just right. Spicy but does not burn your throat.

I also had the fried duck with mushrooms. It was very flavorful and very aromatic.

I also had the abalone and seafood fried rice and it was good. One hefty serving and I'm sold.

My friend, Isabel, tried their wok fried lamb and assorted dumplings. The dumplings were good and the lamb was spicy but very tender.

Another thing I like in this restaurant is that the staff is very friendly and accommodating. 

All in all, it was quite a feast. For RM58, you could not complain. After all, you're paying not just for the food but for the excellent service as well.