PIECES OF ME - Park Thing: Malaysian Diaries Entry #6

I have a thing for parks.

It's quiet. It's green and it's peaceful. It's melancholic at some point.

I like how parks are just there. They never leave. Like, when you're younger and you always go to a park to just run around and  play. And when you grow older, you visit the same park and everything is smaller but it's still the same park.

I like how you can just sit in the park and watch people come and go. Like you'd see children playing or couples strolling. Or anybody just doing any activity. 

I like how parks are shared by everybody. Like when you go to the same park for years and you have a sense of ownership for that park and you take care of it like it's really your own. But everyone else also have that same feeling. It's like a communal property. 

I like how parks are like silent witnesses to everything going on in them. Like, you hang out with friends and have fun at the park or when you're sad and just want to reflect on life. And when you look back, you remember the park, not just for itself but also for all those moments you spend in that park. It's like sharing a memory with this piece of land and knowing that somehow, someone else know what happened but its safely kept.

That's what I like about parks