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My stay in Kuala Lumpur has come to an end but I did not leave without trying out a few more restaurants because honestly, this country has so much food to offer!

Be it local or international cuisine, Malaysia, particularly Kuala Lumpur has got all sorts. Also, Kuala Lumpur being one of the most visited cities in southeast asia, it is quite inevitable that more restaurants are trying to cater to both tourists and locals. Most Malaysian restaurants have fused their dishes with western cuisine or some would even offer both western and asian cuisine.

Hugos by Modesto's is the latest outlet by Modesto's restaurants. Located at Empire Damansara, Hugos by Modesto's oofers the best of local, regional and international cuisine with each dish.

The restaurant's high ceilings and wide spaces is perfect for events and parties. Every Friday, it transforms into a dancefloor for their Salsa night. The wide glass windows also offers an amazing view of the city,

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Hugos by Modesto's to try out their signature offerings. I had a wonderful experience trying out their best dishes/
Here is what I thought about it:

Calamari Fritti (RM30)
Served with a side salad and tangy tartar sauce, the crunchy fried calamari is a nice appetizer. it was not oily and squid was very crunchy.

Beef burger (RM32)
The beef burger was presented as a sample of their new offering. It was very delicious, I must say. The patty was cooked through yet still very juicy and flavorful. The bun is quite dense which I like because it can hold the juicy patty very well.

Nicoise Salad (RM32)
The lettuce was very crispy. The balsamic dressing was just light which perfectly matches the egg and potato combination of the salad. Very light salad but very filling.

Malaysian Satay (RM15 half dozen, RM30 1 dozen)
The satay was very juicy. Unlike most satays you buy outside, it was not over/undercooked and very flavorful. the sauce was spicy but very good.

Vegetarian Springroll (RM18)
Crispy popiah wrapper with fresh vegetable inside. The Thai chili sauce was perfect for the spring roll too.

Crema di Funghi (RM18)
Very chunky and very fragrant soup. The taste of wild mushrooms is really evident with every spoonful.

Hawaina Pizza (RM36)
Crispy thin crust which I like very much. Thin crusts pizzas mean you could taste more of the flavorful toppings.

Fish and Chips (RM36)
The fish had a nice golden brown color. it was crispy yet very juicy inside. You could hear the cracking of the fish batter when you cut it.

Mashed potatoes and wedges (RM12 each)

Linguine Ala Modesto's
One of the best seafood pasta dishes I have tried. Creamy sauce, fresh seafood, al dente pasta.

Hugos by Modesto's signature mojito
one of the best mojitos I have ever had. It was refreshing yet has that kick you'd look for in a mojito. 

tortina al cioccolato (Rm22)
Panna Cotta (Rm20)
the brownie was very moist and scrumptious. The panna cotta was so smooth and velvety.

Hugos by Modesto's is not just about quality dishes. Their excellent service and the perfect ambiance of the restaurant is what makes dining here a memorable experience.


  1. I enjoy dining at Modesto's as well because of its menu, at reasonable prices. Salsa night is my favourite, of course.

  2. Seems a quirky little place that surely needs a look! Will try and fit it in my schedule soon!

  3. I love Modestos and Hugos seems like a great place to dine... love the food the last time I tried it...


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