13 Reasons to watch 13 Reasons Why

If you are not living under a rock, you've probably heard of Netflix's new original series called 13 Reasons Why. It's about a teenage girl named Hannah Baker who kills herself, but before doing so, she made 13 recorded tapes stating the reasons that led her to suicide. 

I just finished watching the entire series and here are 13 reasons why I think people should also watch this series: 

1. It talks about relevant issues
Suicide, bullying, drunk driving, substance abuse; these are just some of the themes of the series. Yes, most teenage drama series talk about this issues too. But this show talks about the effects and possible causes on why teenagers go through these issues. 

2. It relates to all
It's a youth oriented drama but that does not mean older people cannot relate to it. All of us have gone or will go through the teenage years and I'm pretty sure we have experienced some form of what the characters have experienced in the show. There are adult characters also whose stories are relevant too and audiences could relate too. 

3. It talks about issues most people don't talk about.
Suicide, is still a taboo issue in most places. Rape, bullying are issues not everyone is comfortable in discussing. Watching this show opens up discussions about topics that most people shy away from. And it's about time we talk about these topics. The more people talk about them, the more these problems get solutions. 

4. It has great soundtrack.
Kill em With Kindness by Selena Gomez, The Night We Met by Lord Huron, A 1000 Times by Hamilton Leithauser, Fascination Street by The Cure. Need I say more?

5. It is thrilling.
The reasons Hannah Baker placed in the cassette tapes are narrated or revealed in such away, we, the audience, would not be told of right away. It's a brilliant idea. While of course we know that the main character kills herself, it does leave you wanting to know more about what or who could the reasons be. 

6. It gives people an understanding. 
Understanding of what exactly? Understanding of what people with suicidal tendencies feel or what goes into their head. It also makes audiences understand how people left behind go through losing someone. 

7. It makes you reflect. 
It makes you reflect on your choices. Whether or not you have been one of the characters of the story or at least have done something similar. It makes you think, have you met someone who must be suicidal and have you been kind to them or ignored them? Have you thought also of what Hannah did and did you act upon it? This show gives that. And it's great because it makes you reflect on your actions and what effect it could have had on the people around you. 

8.  It's graphic and vivid. 
The scene where Hannah kills herself is very vivid. It showed how Hannah slit her wrists with a razorblade and how she slowly bled to death on her bath tub. It is very painful and grotesque to watch and it clearly shows how ugly and horrible suicide is. 

9. It sends a clear message. 
At the last episode, one of the characters says "It has to get better. The way we treat each other." And I think this is what the show wants to tell. Yes, there are different issues that people go through, but we can't just not care enough. How we treat each other has to be better. 

10.  It does not glorify suicide. 
The way suicide is portrayed is gruesome and brutal. It does not glorify suicide in any way instead, you'd see suicide as something very selfish. You might even be mad at Hannah for her decision. 

11.  It is proactive.
The show did not stop from just being a tv show. They also launched www.13reasonswhy.info for people who have same experiences or would just need help. And it's a great thing. It's one thing to tell a story but it's another to do something about it. 

12. It opens ideas.
It is one of the most talked about TV shows today. Go to Facebook and you'll see diffferent articles written about the show and how they react to the theme or to the main character. Clearly, a show with a such a sensitive topic such as this gets people talking. And the more people talk about this, the more issues are addressed.

13. Season 2.
Yes, a second season is reportedly at the works. How will the story continue? That we have to find out but first, the first one should be watched.

Catch all episodes of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix.


  1. I've seen it also and I agree with your points. Though I still have mix feelings about it but more of how it was depicted and shown.

    Miss you friend!

    Style Reader

    1. Miss you too. I can;t wait for season 2 though

  2. I want to watch it but still not managed to see this series....after reading 13 reasons why one should watch this tv series i am so eager to watch it as soon as possible!!!


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